cab (キャビネット) ファイルからファイルを取出す

  サンプル ( SORT.EXE を取り出す )


EXTRACT [/Y] [/A] [/D | /E] [/L dir] cabinet [filename ...]
EXTRACT [/Y] source [newname]
EXTRACT [/Y] /C source destination

  cabinet  - Cabinet file (contains two or more files).
  filename - Name of the file to extract from the cabinet.
             Wild cards and multiple filenames (separated by
             blanks) may be used.

  source   - Compressed file (a cabinet with only one file).
  newname  - New filename to give the extracted file.
             If not supplied, the original name is used.

  /A         Process ALL cabinets.  Follows cabinet chain
             starting in first cabinet mentioned.
  /C         Copy source file to destination (to copy from DMF disks).
  /D         Display cabinet directory (use with filename to avoid extract).
  /E         Extract (use instead of *.* to extract all files).
  /L dir     Location to place extracted files (default is current directory).
  /Y         Do not prompt before overwriting an existing file.



extract /A /D J:\WINDOWS\WIN98\BASE4.CAB sort.exe > wincab.lst



06-12-1998  7:01:02p A---        27,370 sort.exe



extract /A /E J:\WINDOWS\WIN98\BASE4.CAB sort.exe

とすると、カレントに SORT.EXE を展開します。

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